Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Weekend

Hello all!

What an awesome first weekend!! Saturday was full of getting to know all 55 girls and 8 guys on project. We found out who was going to be our small group leader, and who was going to be in a group together.  I have been blessed with 6 amazing women.  We are full of laughter, and fun! We have decided to call ourselves the Pinky Pienie Wienies or PW's for short.  We shared our stories yesterday and today and had the awesome opportunity to grow a little closer. Sometimes we can't stop laughing and get to the point of crying. And as I was typing this we had to take a break so we could all laugh.  We all live next to each other in the basement of the Kappa Delta house. Its been awesome.  My roommate is amazing.  She is from Oklahoma, but goes to school in Arkansas. She is also in my small group.  We have been able to bond very quickly and I'm so excited to see where the summer goes with our closeness.  Weirdly enough her name is Kelsy, and my roommate freshman year at Purdue was Kelsey, but I love her already. The rest of my small group consists of Lauren, Amanda, Elyse, Kristina and our fearless leader Judy.  Its just going to be an amazing summer. Love them all already.

Tomorrow, Monday we start our first day of work.  I'll update ya'll on what I am exactly doing after I found out.  It going to be so amazing to see what all we are doing with the kids.

But I'm going to go to bed so I can actually wake up in the morning.
Peace, Love, FoCo!

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