Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The area is safe, and I have gloves on!

Hello Lovely People reading this!!

I hope your day is going amazing.  I know that mine has been pretty awesome.  The last two days have been full of sitting in an uncomfortable chair listening to rules and regulations. But I can officially say that I am CPR and First Aid certified. (Thats where the name of the post comes from.) We have been drained from brain functioning because of the lack of activity, but I completely understand why we had to do it, just definitely long.

BUT on the good side of things, I found out my placement today for the rest of the summer!! I will be working with 3rd graders.  There are 4 classrooms of them so we will start out with about 7-8 kids for the first few weeks and then end the year with about 17-18, unless more sign up.  I'm so excited and got into crazy teacher mode when I saw my classroom.  I'll upload some pictures after we finish decorating.  I will be working with a person who is originally from Fort Collins.  She is a year younger than I am, and I am praying that it will all work out.  The theme of the building is the Olympics.  Each classroom had to figure out a country, real or fake, and decorate their classroom that way.  We decided on Fiji for our country.  I can incorporate lots of bright colors and make the classroom awesome.  We don't actually get the kids til next week, but tomorrow we unload all the stuff from two years ago and figure out what all needs to be purchased.  I'm super excited to finally be working and doing fun stuff!! Pray for the hearts of the children that are on their way to Fort Collins sometime this summer.  Pray that we are able to pass all inspections and that things run as smooth as God has planned.

One of the cool things that we are doing this summer is called Outward Evangelism (I think).  But basically we all pick something and go out into the city of Fort Collins and see the same people every week and grow in a relationship and then hope to have spiritual conversations with people.  Tonight we decided to go to the apartment complex that most staff are staying at this summer and play some sand volleyball with the Colorado State University students that live in the same complex.  There were about 7 of us and we got to the complex and told our leader that we were there and went down to play volleyball, and no one was playing. There were some little kids playing in the sand, but we realized we didn't have a volleyball so decided to go back to the CSU campus and see if we could find some students there.  We did find them and started to play.  We ended up watching a really good game between 3 people on project with me and 2 CSU students and 1 guy that actually works with me at Colorado Kids Camp and Care.  It was an awesome match and I pray that some connections were made.  I am thinking about switching to help some people in the community clean up their yards and then have a conversation with them.  Some people a few years back on project did something similar and I've been told they had some pretty awesome conversations.

Tomorrow we unload trucks at the schools and start to work on our classrooms more. I'm super excited to get things going and for the kids to come in!!

If you need prayer for anything just let me know :)
Peace, Love, FoCo!

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