Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow. Its Already July???

Yep. I said it.  I can't believe it is already July.  Project has flown by!! We still have about 3 1/2 weeks, but that will go by so fast!! Here's a bit of what has happened since the last update.

On Friday a few of my friends decided they wanted to go hiking.  I was not feeling up to go because my knee had been acting up, so I decided to go to Fort Fun with some of my coworkers.  There were 8 of us.  We went laser tag, go karting, down the giant slide, bumper boats, and mini golf, only we ended up changing the name of mini golf to Extreme Insanity Miniature Golf, or something similar.  We basically throw the ball at the hole, attempted to bowl, or simply all hit the balls at one time.  It was a lot of fun.  After we left there a few of us went and saw Transformers 3.

Saturday morning came pretty fast.  We went to Denver for the day.  We helped a church put on a car show.  We did everything from helping in the parking lot to serving the food, to assisting with the inflatables.  After the show ended we were on clean up duty.  It was a long morning.  After we were released from helping we went to the Aquarium.  After that we decided we would take out the GPS, or Agatha and find a restaurant that was Denverish.  Not something any of us had back home.  We couldn't find anything that was cheap enough and finally decided on Noodles and Company.  We as I pulled into Noodles there was another restaurant right next door.  It was an Italian place.  I got some wood stove cooked penne alfredo.  It was delicious.   After dinner we decided we wanted to go shopping.  They found an outlet mall near where we were and zoomed there.  We had an hour to hit up lots of different stores.  I got some pretty good deals.  After that we managed our way back to Fort Collins.

Sunday morning was church at the same one I've been going too.  I really enjoy it there.  After church we went to lunch at Five Guys.  Delicious!!! We decided to do some thrifting after lunch to find some last minute outfit details for the Fourth of July.  For dinner we had an international night at the house.  We had different missionaries through Campus Crusade come in and talk about what God was doing in their lives.  It was pretty awesome.  We also ate food from different countries.

Monday morngin was a bright and early morning.  We got up to go to the bike parade.  The bike parade consisted of staff children decorating their bikes and themselves to win a prize.  We had a blast, once we got some caffeine in our blood.  After the bike parade, my Bible Study participated in the amazing race.  We drove all over FoCo finding random places and completing random tasks.  At the first place someone had to eat an entire Cinnamon Roll.  This was no ordinary roll.  It was relatively large for a girl to eat.  (Pictures will come later).  I decided I could chow it down.  The guy told me that it only had to be in my mouth.  So I ate 3/4 of it and then stuffed the last 1/4 in my mouth and spit it out right after we finished.  After the amazing race we had lunch catered at a park.  After that I came back to the house and took a small nap because I was worn out.  We had to be at City Park to begin outreach activities in the early to mid afternoon.  One of the things we did was the Everything Skit from Lifehouse. Hopefully I can get that on here one day.  It was amazing.  We did it a total of 4 times, rotating groups every other time.  After we finished that we had dinner. A traditional barbecue. We also had our competition for the "How American Can You Be?" I received 4th place, again pictures to come later.  We ended the night with fireworks across a pond.  It was beautiful.

Today was a typical day.  I worked and then had dinner and then for natural evangelism I choose to play volleyball with a bunch of people.  I was doing pretty good, or at least thats what they told me.  We came back to the house and I showed off pictures of my family and myself when I was little.  My roommate is currently gone and its sad.  She will be back tomorrow, but I have the entire room to myself right now, and its weird.  I'll give her a big hug when I finally see her!

Well I'm about to fall asleep!!
Peace, Love, FoCo.

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